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Wild, raw and unfiltered Honey from Steve’s Bees;The Japanese honey bee.

On the South East coast of Awaji Island runs the Yuzuraha mountain range. At a modest height averaging around 600m this mountain range is paradise to the wild native Japanese honeybee.

Rich in native bush and abandoned *Naruto* orange groves, these mountains provide an all year round floral bouquet for the honeybees, feasting on over 300 flowers throughout the year from Wild Sakura trees and mountain *Tsubaki* Camellia in the winter months these honeybees do make some of the best honey in Japan.

Our promise

- All our bees are wild Japanese Honey Bees.
- The honey harvested is from hives which have not been fed artificially.
- No chemicals are use on the hives which the honey is harvested from.
- Our hives are located far from rice fields and commercial farms to limit the impact of pesticides.
- Our honey is processed individually and not blended with other honey from other hives.

(1) If for some reason we need to feed or use a chemical agent on a hive, the honey for this hive is harvested but not labeled and jarred sold that year or the following year.